In the quiet hours of a cold wintry evening at a Third Wave coffee shop in New Delhi, Vasu Raina, amidst a veil of melancholy, unexpectedly crafted “yaqiin”. Despite the shadows of loneliness, Raina’s poetic alchemy transformed his introspective moment into a love song, suggesting that sometimes, the art we create holds the answers we unknowingly seek for our own hearts. “yaqiin” unfolds with the innocence of a young couple’s awkward exchange at their arranged marriage meetup, that Vasu overhears at the coffee shop. Blending nostalgia for traditional arranged marriages with Raina’s melancholy for his love & musings, the result is a minimalistic love song that beautifully captures the transient magic of fleeting moments. The soulful melody becomes a poignant mirror reflecting not just the tale of a young couple but also Raina’s quest for solace within his own verses.


'Yaqiin' - Vasu Raina
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