1. 01 - Chitta - Prabh Deep - Chitta(2020) Prabh Deep 3:29

The Story

Chitta, the first single off Delhi-based phenom Prabh Deep’s sophomore album, lays down the sonic foundation upon which one of Asia’s most anticipated albums is built. Chitta plays a pivotal part in the narrative of the album, with Prabh’s production and lyricism emphasizing the immediacy and gravity of this impending conflict in the protagonist’s life at this point in the story.

The idea for Chitta emerged from multiple writing sessions where Prabh was trying to explore writing from the perspective of a fictional character – a concept and process that he’d been keen on exploring since this character started taking shape in his head. The energetic, club-friendly beat is built around a captivating flute sample and features Delhi-based virtuoso and frequent collaborator Hashbass – who decided to jump on the project as soon as Prabh played him the beat.

Behind the Scene

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AZR039 | Chitta | Prabh Deep

Release Date : June 12, 2020
Artist : Prabh Deep
Catalog ref. : AZR039
Format : Digital Download