1. Scalp Dem (ft. Jawan) Delhi Sultanate, Seedhe Maut 2:44

The Story

Disclaimer – This song is not meant to target the Hindu religion but does seek to highlight how leaders of past and present are using it to disturb communal harmony and peace in our society leading to the situation we find ourselves in today.

A majoritarian mandate does not give any state, especially one founded on democratic and secular principles, the right to suppress dissent. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the current government shed its facade of developmental politics and resort to communal and authoritarian policies – demonising any community that dared to raise its voice in protest.

That stops now.


AZR031 | Scalp Dem | Delhi Sultanate x Seedhe Maut (prod. by Jawan)

Release Date : December 19, 2019
Artist : Seedhe Maut
Catalog ref. : AZR031
Format : Digital Download