1. 18th Dec Tienas 3:21
  2. Boketto Tienas 3:55
  3. Vice City Tienas 5:59
  4. Highway Tienas 4:01
  5. Accusations Tienas 6:25
  6. Job Opportunity Tienas 4:33
  7. Fuck That Tienas 3:58
  8. Slow Tienas 4:24
  9. Bombay Blues Tienas 2:57
  10. Fake Adidas Tienas 5:05
  11. Sheila Tienas 3:50
  12. John Morrison Tienas
  13. All Eyes On Me Tienas 4:08
  14. Dead Rappers Ii Tienas 6:20
  15. Plethora Of Pain Tienas 5:38

The Story

Unavailable marks the much awaited debut of Mumbai-based alternative hip-hop artist Tienas. The mixtape is one of the most hotly anticipated releases in the Indian music circuit, with Tienas being marked as one of the artists to watch out for in 2018 by publications such as Red Bull Music.


Free Download

AZR006 | ‘Unavailable’

Release Date : 01/06/2018
Artist : Tienas
Catalog ref. : AZR006
Format : Digital Download

The Mumbai-based MC is a breath of fresh air in the city’s hip-hop community bringing to the forefront a Nujabes-inspired sonic aesthetic that hasn’t been seen before in a region dominated by ‘gully rap’. Along with the mixtape, Tienas has also dropped visuals for 18th Dec, the lead single off the project, which can be viewed