Whether it’s creating a universe for their thriving ‘nation’ with their intricate storylines, or singles that effortlessly hit the charts, Seedhe Maut has undeniably pioneered contemporary Indian hip-hop. With ‘Lunch Break’, their third mixtape they introduce a cutting-edge soundscape, which flows through multiple genres but with the Seedhe Maut spin to it.
They continue to question, rebel and remain unhinged, speaking to a generation burdened with a world that refuses to change
Addressing life’s mundane beauties and bitterness, Seedhe Maut never deviates from their being themselves while consistently pushing the boundaries of their craft.
‘Lunch Break’ as a mixtape intersects a multitude of themes, from friendships, mental health, and toxic coping mechanisms to reinforcing the community they’ve built since they first performed at SpitDope Inc, Delhi. Seedhe Maut has been building their own universe with their discography, and ‘Lunch Break’ is a glimpse into a new era.


‘Lunch Break' - Seedhe Maut
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