1. 18th Dec Tienas 3:21

The Mumbai-based MC Tanmay Saxena, known popularly as Tienas or Bobby Boucher, is a breath of fresh air in the city’s hip-hop community – bringing to the forefront a Nujabes-inspired sonic aesthetic that hasn’t been seen before in a region dominated by ‘gully rap’. The name ‘Tienas’ is a wordplay on his initials “T n’ S,” much inspired by his idol and inspiration, Eminem who also used his initials “M n’ M” which stand for Marshall Mathers.

Tienas’ ability to craft together complex narratives on fluctuating, chaotic beats has seen him enter multiple critics’ list. Look out for his debut mixtape and full-length releases later this year.

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The enigmatic artist is breaking and redefining every rule of the game – pushing and challenging the sonic boundaries of Indian audiences in ways that no artist has before.