Foreign Flowz is a rap duo based in Northeast, India. The duo includes Stunnah Beatz and Banjop, formed back in 2016. Having earned recognition as one half of South Asia’s premier hip-hop production duo StunnahSez Beats, Foreign Flowz is India’s answer to the new age hip-hop currently taking the global music industry by storm. With a commercially successful approach to Indian Hip-Hop, the duo has managed to weave songs worthy of international  recognition and merit.

Their themes so far revolve around love, heartbreak and the lives youngsters from third world countries. Foreign Flowz establishes Stunnah not only as one of the best producers in India but also as one of the smoothest emcees to have come out of Shillong.


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Foreign Flowz

The freshest duo from the North East, Foreign Flowz are bringing the radio friendly sounds belonging to the new school of hip-hop to the sub-continent.